Monday, April 12, 2010

While mom is away...

(Mom is away on a business trip to Ft. Worth, Texas, for a whole week, but have no fear the updates will keep coming - thanks to me!!!)

04/11: Roofing was finished on both the house and the shed yesterday. The two roofers stayed late, late, late to finish (even working in the dark)!

Here is the completly shingled roof peak over the front door:

04/12: Today the drywall scrap was cleaned out of the house and some prep work was done to the drywall getting it ready for mudding. The corners were covered with 'corner bead' (according to Pop) and there were lots of boxes of joint compound stacked up in the living room.
Here is the corner bead on the arches to the front door and to the guest bedrooms:

Also, the scratch coat was put up around the kitchen window on the outside of the house. Now it is ready for the stone!And to wrap this entry up - a complimentary picture of "the view" (love that blooming redbud!)

Well, I hope this meets Lonesome Duck standards (hurry home Mom!) - Sara

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