Sunday, January 22, 2012

The January View - What a Difference!

JANUARY 22, 2012 JANUARY 20, 2011

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Left Behind (the series)

This is what happened when Bobby left Griff behind while he went and ran an errand. She went and hid in the closet by the back door waiting for him to return.

Such a pitiful sad little puppy....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Party's Over

The holidays are officially over, Sara and I are both back to work, Josh drove Susan & Cooper home to Michigan yesterday and tonight I took down the rest of the Christmas decorations. Sigh....back to reality.

But first, a few more pictures!

This one is from our cookie decorating night, Evan decorated Sara's nose with some blue frosting! Some hugging!
Modeling the new jammies!

The next group of pictures are from Christmas Eve at Teresa & Charlie's house. Teresa always hosts a magical Christmas Eve, a house full of family gathered, lots of great food, glowing decorations, and warm traditions!

Sara scooped up Eli as soon as we arrived!

Duke (or Daisy?) rocking a Santa hat tag and bow!

Lucas showing Sara his "L is for Lucas" plate with an assist from Dad.

A boy and his dog, his very big dog!

Lucas opening a gift. Don't you love his snowman sweatshirt?

Matt giving us a light show with his new light up t-shirt, the lights react to his voice and raise and lower accordingly! Not sure where Teresa found this shirt but it was way cool! Later, when Sara gifted Matt with some protein bars he modeled his six pack abs! I didn't include the picture because my blog would have been swamped with 14-year old girls stealing that picture!

Jenny with a sleeping baby Eli. So sweet.

Gwen & Clara entertaining us with a song & dance, merry Christmas Hawaiian style!

Christmas morning: Griff showing off her new Christmas light toy!

Griff on her back really having a good time with her new twenty-four squeaker toy! I'm still not sure if it's a crocodile or a dragon but I am sure it has lots of squeakers! Susan picks out the best dog toys, they are always a big hit!

Josh with his toys imitating Griff! :)

Sara and Evan with Cotton Bowl tickets from Santa??? Evan said he found them outside and they must have dropped from Santa's sleigh. Sweet surprise!

Santa even included a Cotton Bowl guide with a map of the stadium and a coupon for a free deluxe program! That Santa, he's quite a guy!