Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey, does anyone know there are coyotes out there?

I always knew there were coyotes here at Lonesome Duck, and I truly like their yipping songs at night.  I've seen them lots of times in the fields, and their poop is a common sight in the middle of the road in the morning.  Once we even found the remains of a half eaten baby deer in the front yard that had been their dinner.  

But...this evening as it was getting dark Griff started crazy serious barking and we went outside to see what was causing her such alarm.  She escaped quickly out the door before we could keep her in and off she went chasing a coyote that had been very close to the back porch.  Luckily she didn't really want to catch him, and he turned around only once and then kept going.

Now Griffy is on high alert and won't leave the back door!  She's on the lookout for that bad doggy!  Perhaps those coyotes are a little too close for comfort.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bored Puppy

It is 100 degrees outside, too hot to want to spend much time out there.  So we are passing this Sunday afternoon by dorking around on the computer and watching a Nascar race.  As you can see; someone in the house is not happy about this turn of events and is demanding some attention! 
Play with me!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turkey Nuggets

The turkeys are back and this time they brought their little nine pack of 
baby turkey nuggets with them!
 Turkey trot and off they go!
Cute and cuddly?  Hmmmm..not so much! 
 According to some quick web research; baby turkeys are called poults
and a group of wild turkeys is referred to as a rafter. 
I'm sticking with nuggets!