Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Celebrating Part Two

On the day after Christmas this group of cousins along with their parents and grandparents came to visit!  Unfortunately I did not take a single picture while they were at Lonesome Duck but these two pictures stolen from Facebook are from their Christmas night stay at Crown Center.  We loved having them visit and hearing about their adventures the night before, not sure if the parents were happy to hear about the unauthorized ice rink visit though!

We ordered lots of Minsky pizzas which were a hit!  
More games, more music, a rousing White Elephant gift exchange and lots of visiting!

And the highlight of the evening.....the Raw Egg Challenge!  
These three all swallowed a raw egg.  
To my knowledge no one ended up sick!
(another stolen Facebook picture)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Funglish is FUN!

It's late at night and Christmas Day 2014 is history.  
From beginning to end; what a fun day it was!  

We enjoyed several rounds of Funglish!
You need to be a WWII buff to understand Josh & Evan's clues!
Lots of bbq was eaten!
Later, more games, beer, and listening to music on the new bluetooth Bose speaker!
Can't wait to spend time around the pool with that speaker and this gang!

Baby Pea Pod joined the fun this year!  
Can't wait to meet you little one!

Good times!