Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cardinal Happy Hour at the Bird Feeder

The New Manny Nanny

At Christmas time there was lots of kidding about Bobby moving to Colorado to become Matt and Kelli's new nanny.  He joked that he could be their manny!  After all, he's retired with plenty of time on his hands, loves Lucas and Eli, and loves the Colorado mountains! 
In February he traveled with Teresa and Charlie out to Steamboat Springs for the 100th year celebration of the Winter Carnival and to officially apply for the nanny position (just kidding on that second part).
Here's a picture of Bobby and Charlie snowshoeing on a portion of Matt & Kelli's 27 acres.  Dang, look at that gorgeous view, I want to be the manny's assistant!
As you can see, Bobby wears shorts in all kinds of weather!   
 A few days after they returned home Matthew posted the picture below on Facebook and said that Lucas and Eli were 'pulling a Bobby' by insisting that they too could wear shorts and sweatshirts in the Colorado Rockies!