Saturday, August 6, 2016

Birthday Party

My cousin turned 60 in July and her family hosted a surprise birthday party for her!

My Mom and her older brother!  Josephine Angeline and John Anthony the two remaining of the six Cicutto siblings.


 Looks like my Mom is handling the heat better than me!

August Already?

How did it get to be August already?  Time flies for sure!  
Random pictures from recent weeks!

We spent a few days with Teresa and Charlie.  Jenny came down too.  The kids were all supposed to come down but Jackson ended up sick so it was just Sara and Evan.  We all had a good time floating in the lake and pool, taking the pontoon out to dinner, and just hanging out catching up.  There was also an evening spent playing the game 'Smart Ass'.  As usual T&C were the best hosts and we enjoyed comfortable beds and wonderful meals and snacks!

This little stuffed dog was left behind by Lucas on his last visit, Charlie had been sending him occasional pictures of the dog in different spots around the house.  So I sent this picture to Charlie at work on Saturday and told him the party wasn't the same without him and to hurry home!

We love picking this little guy up early from daycare to spend the afternoon playing!

Aunt Sara had stopped by on this day!

No pictures, but the following week when we picked him up, Sara made lasagna and brought it over so we could have a family dinner together!  After dinner Evan opened a bottle of champagne and poured a glass for everyone, well actually they were red Solo cups not glass!  Sara and Evan asked Susan to be their matron of honor and Josh to be the officiant at their wedding and we toasted the engaged couple and the fun year ahead!  

Was walking at the Wetlands one morning and noticed on one stretch of the trail there were hundreds of these filigreed leaves.  Not sure if it's bugs or natural decay that makes them filigreed but I thought they looked kind of cool and stopped to get a picture! 

Flowers along the same trail.

A boy and his Tigger!  Josh sent this picture one evening!

Bobby and I spent one Friday shopping in antique stores in Baldwin and Ottawa and a quilt store in Overbrook.  Picked up a couple of items and put together this rusty fireplace mantel vignette!  The candle holder is a claw foot from an old bathtub and I couldn't resist the old rusty stove top. 

Sitting in a rocker on the front porch is my very favorite spot to spend time in the mornings.  on this particular morning there was a storm rolling in and it wasn't long before it was raining, love the sound of the rain as it hits the leaves in the trees and the fresh smell after a gentle rain.

Another new school year is here and Sara had to present at the orientation for new teachers so Merle needed a mid-day walk.  Continuing the tradition from last school year I sent her this picture of her A+ dog!

Speaking of back-to-school, I finally did my first volunteer gig of retirement and helped fill backpacks for kids in need.  Next week I will go back to help with distribution.

This picture was taken at daycare by his teachers and shared via their app.  
Stop growing so fast little man!

And last but not least; doesn't everyone vacuum their dog????