Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Panoramic View

The new version of the iPhone operating system allows the camera to take panaramic shots!
I think that's pretty darn cool!
Bobby put down 1,000 pounds of fertilizer and 400 pounds of grass seed last weekend  and you can't tell from this shot but baby grass is starting to fill in some of the bare spots.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Birds & Blooms

Most of the flowers are still hanging in there after this long hot and dry summer.  Luckily we've gotten some nice soaking rains in the past week, the grass is even starting to green back up!

 Filling the humming bird feeder has become a twice a day job.  Normally there are 4-5 birds at the feeder at all times, and sometimes the number increases to 9-10!  It's kind of crazy and fun to watch! 

Friday Night Fishing

A new tradition seems to be developing around these parts; Friday Night Fishing.  The first week it was Bob, Sara, Evan, Josh & Susan.  The next week it was Bob, Josh, & Susan.  Plans are being made for another trip some time this week too!
 Medium Fish
 little fishy
Fun times at Lone Star Lake!