Friday, November 26, 2010

Living With a Teacher

Recent observations from living with a teacher in a not so large town:
1) Teachers stay up really late grading papers
2) Teachers need caffeine to get the day started (probably related to item no. 1)
3) Any time you are in a public place with the teacher you will bump into some of her former students
4) If they were in her preschool class or after-school elementary class they'll give her a big hug
5) Or if they were in her junior high class they'll smile shyly and wave
6) And when you come home from the pre-Thanksgiving grocery shopping trip, where of course your teacher ran into two former students, you will turn around from loading groceries into the refrigerator to find that your teacher has organized the remaining groceries into categories by ingredients that make up the finished product! I suppose that's a skill that keeps the teacher organized in the classroom and the cook organized in the kitchen!