Monday, May 31, 2010

Painting Prep

The cabinets are trimmed out now! The painters have been caulking all of the trim and putting down paper in preparation for painting.
Rollie wants to know if it's time to move yet!
(Thanks Teresa, we love the raccoon!)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Robin's Remodel

There has been some major remodeling going on over at Robin's house. Walls knocked down, floors raised, new windows and siding, new flooring, new paint, and some really cool new stained glass lights. And the centerpiece of the remodel is the fireplace. Isn't it gorgeous?
Look how BIG her living/family room is now! And there's Scout & Jules enjoying the new digs!
No blog post about Robin's house would be complete without pictures of her backyard oasis. So peaceful and relaxing!

Annual AlleyPerennial Park

And's true...she does talk to her plants; it's that constant praise and encouragement she gives them that makes them grow so lush!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Superstar Lucas after a full weekend of weddings and graduation parties! And the superstar trim carpenter is doing some wonderful things at the house. Including shelves for the linen closets,

bedroom closets,
window trim and baseboards (we love the tall baseboards),

and more fantastic trim in the living room and the new back door that is the correct size!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vanities of all shapes & sizes

The trim carpenter has installed all of the vanities.
This one is the guest bathroom.

1/2 bathroom


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lotsa Lights!

Last week when we were out at the house I made a list of lights that we needed to pick up. There were 50 items on that list! Kind of a daunting task at first, but I'm happy to report that we've selected and purchased all of the ceiling fans including the two for the back porch, most of the lights, all of the bathroom vanities and tops and mirrors. We're in the home stretch now; remaining items to pick out are can lights, carpet, bathroom exhaust fan/light combos, toilets, window blinds and a doorbell! WOW, we're getting close to being finished!
Bobby calls this "Lowes Lawrence!"

And the Celebration(s) Continue

Josh & Susan on their way to celebrate with her cousin Tom who also graduated from KU last weekend! Sara and her friends joined up with them later and it sounds like everyone had a great time!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Old Mother Hubbard

The kitchen cabinets have been hung! Since the ceilings are nine foot we were able to order 48" upper cabinets. I'm going to need a ladder for those top shelves! The fireplace and slate hearth from a different angle, looking in from the entryway. I love lots of things about this entryway.
1) French doors to the office/TV room.
2) A closet! Our current home does not have a coat closet in the entryway!
3) The front door!!!
4) Wood floors that flow through to the office

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Overdue Progress Report

It's been awhile since I posted progress pictures so come on in and see what all has been done! The stone work on the fireplace is complete except for the bottom of the shelves which will be the same stone as the mantle.The finish carpenter has begun to install the doors, this one is waiting it's turn to be installed. Love these doors!

Tile work in the shower is progressing. All of the other tile is laid but not grouted, including the slate in front of the fireplace and the garage entry hallway.

The wood flooring is installed. We love it! It's oak, with lots of personality. Can you see the worm holes and knot holes? The width of the boards varies and adds to the overall look. In a few weeks the floor installers will meet us out there sand down a spot and try out different stains for us to select from. Then they'll stain it the first time, and let it sit for three days, then right before the house is turned over to us they'll put the final coat and varnish on. The contractor wants to make sure we have shiny new floors when we move in!

"Graduation week" festivities continued today with a trip to KC where Sara and I were honored to accompany Susan as she was measured and placed the order for her wedding dress that she selected last year. It's a lovely Michael Nolte original dress and she looks beautiful wearing it, even with the giant red clips they used to make it her size! Later we met up with the fellas at Famous Dave's after they had been to Cabela's. Good times! This evening we headed out to the land and had a fire with more construction scrap. Evan joined us and the good times continued until dark. And now it's time to check for ticks!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pomp & Circumstance

A wonderfully fun and full weekend!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grasshopper Dreams

Twas the night before Friday,
and my hubby could not sleep,
what you may ask would keep him awake like a kid on Christmas Eve?
The highly anticipated delivery of his Grasshopper Model 223!

Now the yard looks like a manicured golf course, minus the holes with flags! Apparently the Grasshopper is fun to drive too, Sara took it for a little spin! Bobby mowed the south ditch in the front of the property to make it safer to pull out on the gravel road. Our driveway meets the road on a top of a hill and people drive crazy fast up and down that road. He also mowed paths, including the one down to my future outdoor reading room, he's my Grasshopper mowin' hero! Plus he gave me the free Grasshopper ball cap that came with the mower, I'm a lucky, lucky, wife!

And a lucky Mom too! Sara brought over a hanging basket of beautiful purple pansies and the colorful bouquet below was sent by Cooper, Josh, & Susan (yes, Cooper was listed first on the card but I'm pretty sure he had some help with the Internet ordering from his people Mom & Dad). Sara and I spent the day together and it was fun, even if it was spent at BNSF, her working on a take home final and me pulling data. Bobby planted some hostas and picked up some homemade pie from Cordoba's for my Mom and I. Thanks kids and Grasshopper hubby, I had a really great Mother's Day! And Cooper, can't wait to see your furry face on Friday!

The fireplace is progressing stone by stone and looks awesome. The kitchen cabinets were delivered Thursday and are stored in the back bedroom until it's time to install them.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back Porch Musings

Teresa & Charlie came to Lawrence this evening for a visit and to see the house. This whole building experience is made even sweeter when you get to share it with others and we've had lots of fun giving tours to friends and family. We can't wait to have it finished and to have everyone back out to relax and sip cold beverages on the porches!

Seeing Teresa & Charlie tonight reminded me of the first time they visited the land and we were discussing the best orientation for the house to maximize the view. We looked like human windmills with our arms spread out turning this way and that way envisioning the view from the back porch! Josh, Sara, and Susan had a good laugh seeing us twisting and turning! It's working out just as we imagined that evening, the house is turned at a slight angle so that the view from the back porch is spectacular!
The pictures below are the views that Teresa & Charlie see from the back porches of their Lexington home and their Lake of the Ozark home! As you can tell, they know a thing or two about spectacular back porch views!
And those 'little' boys by the Lexington Lake, well they're full fledged teenagers now!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just the Facts Ma'am

The outside of the house is all painted and the stone is finished!

And the shed is all painted and stone work finished too!
Also, you can see the outside freezeless faucet with the red handle!
This is the custom order shower base, it's not a very good picture but trust me it's really pretty in real life and is going to look great with the tile! Now that it's installed Bobby can rest easy, he was a bit nervous since he took the measurements himself and ordered it from Home Depot. Guess the old adage 'measure twice, cut once' worked out well for him. The plumbers were super impressed with the precision fit!

More inside scoop: preparation for the stone work has begun on the fireplace, the tile guy is on vacation in Mexico, kitchen cabinets will be delivered on Thursday, two electrical outlets were intalled but not working yet since the electric company has not finished their part yet.
And we've made multiple trips to Lowe's and Home Depot to finalize the bathroom vanity selections! Home Depot is running another Buy More Save More promotion, this time on in- stock bathroom items, these promotions are working out well for us. We also took advantage of one for the kitchen cabinets, hooray for HD!