Monday, December 31, 2012

The Day After

Sitting here on this December 26th morning enjoying the play of sun and shadows on the fireplace while reflecting on the good times of Christmas 2012. 
This year was a combination of old and new traditions.
Friday night we had chili and decorated sugar cookies.  There was one major departure from tradition; Josh did not make any inappropriate sugar cookies.  His creativity must have been limited because there were no bear or ginger man shaped cookies to be bloodied and mutilated.  Or perhaps it was because Sara beat him to the punch with her three dimensional teachers love winter break but miss their students cookie.  :)
Since Teresa and Charlie moved to the Lake of the Ozarks there will be no more Christmas Eves spent at their Lexington home.  Their new lake home was not quite ready for occupation so they rented a five bedroom home with plenty of room for everyone to gather. 
We joined them for the weekend. 
Heading out on a bright and sunny Saturday morning.      
Whether it's her own home or a rental house Teresa does Christmas magic to perfection!
Here it was a playhouse tent set up in the corner of the living room.  The playhouse was in constant use while we were there; as an overnight sleeping space for Clara, or a hiding spot and play spot for Lucas and Eli, or an afternoon nap spot for a tired college student!  FUN! 
A large table for everyone to gather and visit. 
And everyone's favorite foods being prepared in the kitchen.
Evan with a soon to be upside down Lucas!
Charlie enjoying the sunshine and 50 degree temps in his KC Chiefs snuggie he stole from Stephen in the gift exchange! 
This picture of Lucas and Eli was taken after we left but it was so cute I just had to steal it from Jenny's Facebook page!
We headed back home Sunday evening.
Christmas Eve afternoon we had runzas for lunch, exchanged gifts and had a good visit before the kids headed off to the Lawhorn's and the Rapp's for more food and fun!  Josh had to work Christmas day. Sara and Evan joined us for leftovers and a competitive game of Scrabble where Bobby got 64 points for the word 'jihad'!