Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Day in the Life

Sleep, eat, drink, pee, poop, play, repeat!

And charm the socks off your new people parents!

Griff (born 8/10/11)

She had followed me into the other room, and then on her way back to the living room she grabbed 'her' broom from the laundry room and dragged it to her bed like she does with all of her smaller toys, quite a funny sight to see!

Frog dog watching television!

Brewed Up North

Last week we headed north to visit Josh & Susan and to take a road trip with them to Traverse City! First stop was an apple orchard, complete with freshly made apple cider and donuts. It was raining when we arrived in Traverse City but after a couple hours of sightseeing from the car including a picnic while parked facing the Lake the sun finally broke through, the rain stopped, and we headed back to our picnic spot. I'm happy to report that Josh has inherited his Pop's talent for finding the most scenic picnic locations.

Coop exploring Lake Michigan. The water was much bluer than I expected, more like an ocean than a lake, but of course it is one of the Great Lakes! At an earlier Lake stop in the rain, Cooper got to chase some migrating salmon, a definite highlight for Bobby!

One tired puppy after fetching sticks and rocks in the cold water!

The dock.

Coop & Josh heading down the shore to explore.

Apparently Josh was inspired by all the fun that Cooper was having in the water, so before we left he decided that he needed to 'experience' a Lake Michigan swim in October! One very cold Tier 1 experience!

Cooper determined to find the rock that was thrown into the water. It looks like he is walking in the water, but it's deeper than it appears, he's paddling hard to find that lost rock!

Fetching sticks in the water! A very busy and happy puppy!

And my favorite picture of the day! Stunt Puppy!

The next day started out rainy too but we braved the weather for a very fun day of shopping, coffee drinking, sampling goodies at Cherry Republic, and more shopping. My kind of day!

Our first night's dinner was at North Peak Brewing Company, a fun place near downtown Traverse City! Josh picked up the check in what was one of the sneakiest check picking up maneuvers I've ever seen! Thanks again Josh and Susan it was a lovely birthday dinner! Second night dinner was at the Jolly Pumpkin, another brewery located up the peninsula on a tree studded hill, from the road the restaurant looked like an old sprawling house. Very cool and great pulled pork nachos!

Great trip! Missing my Michiganites!

Camera confessions: thanks to Susan for the pictures since I left my camera in the hotel thinking it was going to rain all day!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Birds of Fall

With the arrival of Fall we are seeing a new variety of visitors to the feeders and bird bath. This one is a Tufted Titmouse, sporting a stylish feathery mohawk! He's kind of a jittery guy who doesn't stay in one place for long. We think this little guy is a House Finch. He had been feasting at the feeder for 10 minutes or so before I went to get the camera, then he moved to the bird bath for a nice long drink after all those seeds he ate!

The October 1st "View".

And this......this is Regina who will be coming to join our family on October 18th! She will be getting a new name when we bring her home, Emma and Betty are front runners. We'll have to wait until we meet her to decide for sure. She has new toys awaiting her arrival too!