Friday, January 15, 2010

Blue Moon

"Just once... in a very blue moon And I feel one comin' on soon" ---Nanci Griffith

Y2K, remember the fear and the hype? Our family spent part of that New Year's Eve chowing down on individual home made pizzas and writing letters to ourselves 10 years in the future. Josh was 13 and Sara was 12. Even Bobby played along. We kept the letters private, sealing them in separate envelopes and placing them in the safe deposit box at the bank.

Fast forward 10 years to New Year's Eve Day 2009 when Sara and I went to the bank to retrieve the letters. As soon as we got back in the car she began to open the envelopes and read the contents out loud as we headed off to run some other errands. Goose bumps broke out on my arms as Sara read my letter from 10 years earlier where I had written that I hoped to be 'living in Lawrence, out in the country, in a sprawling one level house w/pond". And then tears came to my eyes as she read her Pop's letter where his hope was to be 'living in the country on 20 acres with a pond". Cool, huh? We only missed it by a few months, a few acres, and a pond!

There were lots of other things in the letters that touched my heart and funny bone, but since this blog is about Lonesome Duck we'll move on.

The world was graced with a blue moon this New Year's Eve, the second full moon of the calendar month. Here in Kansas we were dealing with another snowstorm coming right on the heels of the Christmas Eve blizzard. Around 11:45 that night Bobby and I decided to head out to the land to view the blue moon, perhaps a careless idea since we do not get consistent cellphone reception out there and several inches of snow covered the ground. Of course Bobby was not worried one little bit since we were in his trusty 4-wheel drive truck and he loves a challenging snow storm, just ask him about the trip home from Lexington on Christmas Eve!

It was a beautiful sight, the full moon shining down on the glistening snow. A New Years Eve to remember for sure.