Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grasshopper Dreams

Twas the night before Friday,
and my hubby could not sleep,
what you may ask would keep him awake like a kid on Christmas Eve?
The highly anticipated delivery of his Grasshopper Model 223!

Now the yard looks like a manicured golf course, minus the holes with flags! Apparently the Grasshopper is fun to drive too, Sara took it for a little spin! Bobby mowed the south ditch in the front of the property to make it safer to pull out on the gravel road. Our driveway meets the road on a top of a hill and people drive crazy fast up and down that road. He also mowed paths, including the one down to my future outdoor reading room, he's my Grasshopper mowin' hero! Plus he gave me the free Grasshopper ball cap that came with the mower, I'm a lucky, lucky, wife!

And a lucky Mom too! Sara brought over a hanging basket of beautiful purple pansies and the colorful bouquet below was sent by Cooper, Josh, & Susan (yes, Cooper was listed first on the card but I'm pretty sure he had some help with the Internet ordering from his people Mom & Dad). Sara and I spent the day together and it was fun, even if it was spent at BNSF, her working on a take home final and me pulling data. Bobby planted some hostas and picked up some homemade pie from Cordoba's for my Mom and I. Thanks kids and Grasshopper hubby, I had a really great Mother's Day! And Cooper, can't wait to see your furry face on Friday!

The fireplace is progressing stone by stone and looks awesome. The kitchen cabinets were delivered Thursday and are stored in the back bedroom until it's time to install them.

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