Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back Porch Musings

Teresa & Charlie came to Lawrence this evening for a visit and to see the house. This whole building experience is made even sweeter when you get to share it with others and we've had lots of fun giving tours to friends and family. We can't wait to have it finished and to have everyone back out to relax and sip cold beverages on the porches!

Seeing Teresa & Charlie tonight reminded me of the first time they visited the land and we were discussing the best orientation for the house to maximize the view. We looked like human windmills with our arms spread out turning this way and that way envisioning the view from the back porch! Josh, Sara, and Susan had a good laugh seeing us twisting and turning! It's working out just as we imagined that evening, the house is turned at a slight angle so that the view from the back porch is spectacular!
The pictures below are the views that Teresa & Charlie see from the back porches of their Lexington home and their Lake of the Ozark home! As you can tell, they know a thing or two about spectacular back porch views!
And those 'little' boys by the Lexington Lake, well they're full fledged teenagers now!

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