Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dust Bowl

Dear Readers, I apologize for the lack of pictures for this entry (Pop and I were very busy today).

So, I came over to Mom and Pop's after a full day of work and class to find a very, very, very dusty Pop (and Daisy - she is worn out!) working hard in the driveway. He was working on a stone fireplace mantle for the new house since the inspectors nixed the wood one. What exactly does this entail? A 285 pound Colorado ledge stone (54 inches long just in case you were wondering), a strong saw, a rental drill from Home Depot, multiple tools pulled out from the garage, large bolts, cement glue, and a lot of rock dust. But it was well worth it since it will look wonderful against the stone wall surrounding the fireplace - I promise pictures of the mantle by tomorrow!

House news - first coat of mudding was completed on the drywall in both the house and the shed (apparently by 1:00 ... the quick pace continues).

Well ... that was probably the most bland Lonesome Duck entry in the history of Lonesome Duck! I will spice it up tomorrow - Sara

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