Monday, April 19, 2010

Pictureless Monday

Sara did a really great job posting while I was out of town last week (thanks sweetie)! While in Texas I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel each evening to check the progress pictures. This post pales in comparison to her colorful commentary.

The drywallers have been busy. On Friday they blew the knockdown ceilings in both the house and shed. Today they did the final sanding so the walls are super smooth and the floor is super dusty! They'll be priming the inside walls tomorrow which means we have a tight deadline to get those colors picked out from Sherwin Williams. This evening Bobby measured for all the stone and tile. Tomorrow he'll order the stone and pick up tile at Lowe's, it may take a couple of trips to get it all!

The contractor expects the power to be connected tomorrow or Wednesday.

Hard to believe it's been only 34 days since they poured the slab! WOW!

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