Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remember the Alamo

No disrespect meant to any Texas natives who may be reading this post but when the fireplace was built Bobby thought it looked a bit too much like the Alamo! I didn't really "see it" until Friday night.......... ...when at the George Strait concert while he sang his song "Texas" they showed a montage of pictures from Texas and of course the Alamo was shown. And you know what, I saw it then too, our fireplace did look a lot like the Alamo!
Bobby had talked to Mark & Eric last week and asked them to un-Alamo the fireplace, the resulting new design will allow us to have a longer mantle! It will have to be a stone mantle though since the inspectors say a wood mantle would have to be 6.5 foot from the bottom of the fireplace box because of the heat output of this model. That would be a 7.5 foot tall mantle, a bit high don't you think!

As you can see from the picture above the drywall has been hung! A crew of two started on Friday and worked all weekend completing the job today! Love the look of the vaulted ceiling in the living room. Today was a cleanup day, we headed out in the morning and picked up lots of scrap wood and other construction trash and had a big bonfire which of course was Bobby's favorite part of the day, ask Sara to tell you about the aersol foam insulation can!Wish I would have got a picture of the fire when it was at it's highest! It was quite a sight to see!

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