Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Fooling

04/01: April Showers! Shower installed in the smaller bathroom.
That black tubing hanging down is flexible ductwork, who knew they had such a thing! The fireplace was installed today but I accidentally deleted the picture, oops! Furnace was installed, no picture of that either, what a photo slacker! Roofing delayed while the plumber finishes all of the venting that requires holes in the roof (you can see the master bath vent in this picture). Bobby met with the contractor and they marked the location of all of the electrical outlets, phone and cable outlets and finalized light and ceiling fan locations. And last but not least, the power company put in two new poles on the other side of the road and one on the frontage of our property. "Our property", I still get a kick out of realizing we are landowners!

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