Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tile, Stone, and Green All Over

04/28: Back from Texas and here's what I found! Stone put up on the front of the garage, the dry stack looks great. Everything that is supposed to be this shade of green has now been painted (including the porch ceilings and garage doors!). The remaing beige that is showing will eventually be painted a darker shade of the same green color.
On the inside; a little more progress on the master bath, closet, and laundry room tile. It's mostly all in place but still needs grout. The new back door which is the correct size has been delivered but not installed.

04/28: This gentleman was working hard out at the land this evening. When I arrived he was finishing up filling in the trench that contains the power lines and water pipe.
This is a gorgeous picture that Sara took on Monday.
See the storm clouds and rain rolling in trying to overtake the sunny sky?

WOO HOO, less than three weeks until Sara graduates and Josh, Susan, & Coop come home for a week! We're pretty darn excited around here!

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