Monday, April 5, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

04/01: Firebox installed.

04/01: Furnace installed. This made me smile, the furnace guy left us a permanent note on the filter size and a reminder to change the filter monthly! He even included the date! He's waiting to install the hot water heater until the house is secured!

04/02: Good Friday. Lots of rain in the morning. Rough-in electrical work started. Cabinet, granite, & sink order finalized and paid for at Home Depot. Kind of a funny story, Home Depot called the bank to verify the check, apparently a new teller answered the phone and wasn't sure what to do since the check was for $11,000 and there was only a $15 balance in the account. Luckily the lady was there to explain to her that it was a construction loan account and to OK the check. Still she was glad to see us when we came in with the documentation for the draw! While we were in Baldwin at the bank we had lunch at a small family diner named Cordoba's. Josh used to go there for lunch when he worked for the Baldwin Junction vet clinic. They have really good hamburgers and homemade pie too! We may become regulars once we move!
04/05: Laundry room. Some kind of fancy contraption for mixing the hot/cold water.
04/05: Heavy rains this morning. The chimney and other vents that go through the roof were completed, nice shiny vent pipes visible now (sorry no picture).
The picture below is the electrical switches for the lights in the master bath shower and closet.
Lots of wires everywhere!

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