Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No bull

Progress! We now have a gravel driveway, well actually it's 3/4 of a driveway. No more slip sliding in the mud!! And there's been lots of bulldozing going on, taking some of the hill out of the driveway and moving dirt from where the shed will be over to where the house will sit to level things up a bit.

Bobby has an appointment with the Pella Window guy tomorrow at 2:00. We looked in the catalogue again tonight and made our final decision.

The bulldozer operator was there tinkering with his bulldozer when we stopped by this evening. Hopefully it's nothing serious and they'll be dozing dirt again tomorrow!

Bobby just asked if I named this blog 'Blog Allen'. HA! A bit of Jayhawk basketball humor while he waits for the Directv receiver to reboot so he can get back to watching the Sunflower Showdown game!

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