Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday Night Lights

'Let's go to Home Depot', five words I thought would never come out of my mouth. But that's exactly what I said last night after eating dinner out when Bobby asked 'what do you want to do now'? Since buying the land in September our Friday night routine is Minsky Pizza and Home Depot or Lowes. I never tire of looking at cabinets, appliances, lighting fixtures, tile, sinks, tubs, paint chips, plants, and lawn furniture but the power tool aisle doesn't hold much allure for me. Bobby on the other hand, well, that just may be his favorite part of the store as you can probably tell from all of the tool toys in our garage.

Even Robin and I went to Home Depot after having bbq on a recent Saturday night and stayed there until closing. Of course, she's always loved hardware stores. Maybe it's because her dad worked at a local hardware store back before the big chain stores. Or maybe it's because one of her first jobs was at a hardware store. I need to remember to ask her if she likes the power tool aisle!

Liking the looks of this light for over the kitchen eating bar.

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