Friday, March 5, 2010

Gotta Own the View

Going back to Summer 2009 for this post.

My good friends from work Amber and Wendy live in a berm home out in the country not too far from Lawrence. They heard about our land hunting efforts and invited us to come see their place, so we headed out there on a sunny Saturday morning with Cooper in tow.

They have a really nice home inside with a great wood burning stove in the living room and a large kitchen. The highlight of the visit, besides meeting their doggies Sasha & Hoover, was outside. Not only is their yard beautifully landscaped, including a healthy sized garden plot, but the land and timber for as far as the eye can see belongs to them!

We hung out outside for awhile enjoying the visiting and the scenery. Cooper was served a nice cool drink of water and we headed back home. On the way home Bobby made the comment that he'd really like to 'own the view' like Amber and Wendy do. And I agreed that was a splendid idea if we could find an affordable view!

No longer were we content looking at 3 or 5 acre plots of land, oh no, now we needed land that stretched to the horizon, well almost to the horizon anyway! I'm happy to say that Lonesome Duck fits the bill, we now 'own the view'.

Thanks guys for setting the bar so high!

You may be wondering about the picture. Five years ago Amber, Wendy, and I joined together to lead the BNSF effort to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma, Society and participating in the Light the Night Walk. So far, with lots of help from a bunch of awesome people at BNSF we have raised $32,000. The picture is a couple of pink flamingos that helped raise almost $1,000. You'd be surprised how much fun coworkers can have purchasing and sending their cubicle neighbors a flock of flamingos! These two fellas joined us at the Light the Night Walk to brighten up our tent.

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