Friday, March 19, 2010

Better Than New Car Smell

Do you know what smells better than a new car? Turning into the gravel driveway and being hit with that wonderful new wood smell even though the windows are closed. It's that strong. Never expected that....mmmmmm nice.
03/19: House. All of the inside walls are up!
This is standing in the kitchen, looking out over the eating bar towards the living room.
03/19: The 30x36 shed. Bobby is very excited.
03/19: Shed, as you walk in the door, looking towards the corner.

03/19: Front of the house with sheathing already on! Not sure what that big red rectangle is all about. Speculation is that it was already on there from the manufacturer.
03/19: All trussed up and nowhere to go!
These are the trusses awaiting their turn to be installed.

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