Monday, March 8, 2010

Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear and other optical illusions

"Downsize - to reduce in number or size"

Yep, we wanted to downsize for sure, we no longer have the need for all of the square footage of our current home. In fact, we spend 99% of our time in the rooms on the main floor.

However, when we stopped by the land on Friday and discovered that they had put in the footings for the slab we thought the outline of the house looked awfully small. We rationalized that the slab would surely be larger. But when the wood concrete forms were built on Monday and the outline of the house didn't seem any larger we began to worry.

Jokes were made; "only one person at a time will be able to be in the kitchen, we'll have to leave the doors off of the rooms because the beds will take up the whole space, it'll sure be easy to pick out that one cabinet for the kitchen" and more (I live with a family of comedians).

We reviewed the plan measurements, worried, reviewed the plans some more, worried some more, went to a movie and finally knowing that all of the workmen had left for the day we headed out there with the measuring tape. It may or may not have been raining and dark by then (I'm not sure we want to admit to that!)

"Spatial intelligence is the ability to comprehend three-dimensional images and shapes."

And of course it was exactly the right size, even allowed the additional space for the six-inch walls that were not on the original plan.


Lessons learned:
1) We do not excel at spatial intelligence.
2) Trust the contractor.
3) Worry less.
4) Keep making those jokes it keeps us sane!
Photo by Sara.

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