Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Grass Will Soon Be Green On Our Side of the Fence

Jerry and Mavis came down today to help put in the lawn! I'm pretty sure the highlight of the day was the straw cannon! Bobby drove the truck, Sara loaded the bales and cut the string, Jerry fed them in and shot them out covering the grass seed with a nice layer of straw to help protect it while it grows! Even without the grass the yard is looking awesome, Bobby has been busy moving dirt and smoothing things out to get it all ready. He is getting to know the rental people quite well between the bobcat rentals, the trailer to haul Jerry's tractor, and the straw cannon. And the lawn mower now has a trailer hitch which he hooked up a seeder to plant the seed and some sort of contraption to work it into the soil. My contribution to the day was a couple of batches of homemade runzas (sorry Josh), pasta salad, and a pumpkin dessert. Mavis brought down some, straight from the oven, zucchini bread which Bobby claims is just for him but don't tell him I've already had a slice YUM!
Good friends, perfect weather, and a big job completed!

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