Saturday, October 23, 2010

Michy Wishy

Josh & Susan were back home in Kansas for a couple of weekends in October; the first to get their engagement photos taken and the next to attend the wedding of friends. And in between their two weekend visits I headed back to Michigan with them for a few days of r&r in the beautiful Fall weather.

The Lansing River - so pretty!

This picture is an old railroad depot turned restaurant in Mason, MI where Josh and I enjoyed a breakfast of pumpkin oatmeal and blackberry pancakes while Susan was at school. He can't wait to take her back there for breakfast.
Josh is Mason's newest EMT! Part time for now while he finishes paramedic school. And back in Kansas on Sunday morning Bobby started a fire in the new fire pit he and Sara built out by the woods behind the shed, we all sat around the early morning fire visiting, it was almost like camping except we could run to town and bring back McDonald's for breakfast!
Josh & Susan headed back to Michigan later that day, Coop's already in the back seat, he is such a good traveller!
It was great to have them home for a few days and also great to have the opportunity to experience a bit of Michy Wishy with them again!

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