Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Wave (or Nod)

One of the things I love about living in the country, OK so it's only 6.5 miles outside of Lawrence (pop. 92048), but it seems like the country with the gravel roads, cows, hills, and creeks.
I digress.
Anyhow it makes me happy every single time when people follow that old country neighborly tradition of giving you a wave when they pass you on the road. Sometimes instead of a wave you get a nod.
Or, if you happen to be a dork like me and you're out taking pictures of the country roads for your blog and a car comes up behind you, well, you might get something besides the traditional country wave which reminds you that after all, you are only 6.5 miles outside of a big town and you're holding up traffic!

A dairy in the neighborhood.

Yep, we have a neighbor on the next road over that has a camel and a zorse (part zebra, part horse)!

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