Thursday, June 24, 2010

Simple Pleasures

It won't be long now. Lots of loose ends being wrapped up.
Today's progress, bathroom mirrors, towel racks, and the granite back splash. More bathroom accessories, doorknobs and doorstops.

Front porch posts! The color of the cedar posts really draws out the darker shades in the stone(sorry you can't see the stone in the picture). There's also a doorbell and a new doorknob and lock. Bobby had to run back to the Pebble Lane house for a screwdriver to fix the sliding door so while he was gone I settled into a chair on the front porch, closed my eyes and listened to the early evening bird songs.

Simple pleasures.

Back porch posts!

Kitchen cabinet door knobs! Where's Waldo, can you find the one cabinet that is missing a knob and which two drawers are missing pulls? Looks like we will be making yet another trip to Home Depot to get the missing parts!

Cool swirly knobs on the bathroom cabinets!

The contractor spent part of his day scraping the paint off the windows in the french doors. Handles were also added today.

All the cold air returns and heating vent covers were put on yesterday. The smoke detectors were hooked up last week.
Air conditioner was set yesterday!

The contractor and his family stopped by tonight so that he could show his wife the house. They've got a couple of super cute and friendly tow headed kids! They're planning a trip to DisneyWorld in October so I asked the little girl which was her favorite Disney princess, it's a toss up between Cinderella and Snow White!
The full moon was rising and it was getting dark when they left so Bobby and I headed inside to lock up. It was pretty cool to go from room to room switching off lights for the first time.
Simple pleasures.

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