Monday, June 21, 2010

Pro Forma

Lots of progress today!
The forms for the front and back porch and the driveway were built and tomorrow we should have concrete! Bobby had thought about using gravel instead of concrete in front of the shed so that heavy equipment could cross over it without worry of damage. But the concrete guy suggested putting in 6 inches of concrete rather than 4 inches on that side, he thought it would be a shame to take a chance of dragging a bunch of mud into the shed! will be trucks to the right and cars to the left! Front porch!
See the farthest pole that is leaning? When we were out back looking at the back porch we heard a clattering sound and rushed to find out that this pole had fallen.
Back porch! With the addition of a pad for the future hot tub or a table!

Beans are coming up!

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