Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Allen Fieldhouse South

Can't really see it that good in this picture, but the front porch concrete is poured! There's even a plank over the concrete in case anyone needs to get into the house. The site of future post-Thanksgiving dinner basketball games!

And folks, if you can't find me in a month or so, look out here on the back porch because that's most likely where I'll be parked! Come on out and join me!
We're extremely happy with our last minute decision to change to an L-shaped back porch, plenty of room now for a table or hot tub some day.

These are the 6x6 cedar posts which will be installed for porch supports/decorative accents. There will be four in the front and two in the back. They will be left their natural color and the ones in the front will be boxed out on the bottom.
They smell really good!

With this pile of wooden stakes I guess we are prepared for any vampire invasions! Which reminds me; I really need to read the Twilight series of books!

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