Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Class Act (Sara's First Classroom)

Yep, I'm that parent. The proud but obnoxious mama who takes a camera to their adult child's workplace and takes pictures! At least it was after school and we do carpool so I did have an excuse for being in the neighborhood! (Beware Josh, I'm bringing the camera with me to Michigan in October!)

The teacher hard at work. A crate full of files with finished assignments for the 1st hour students.
This is a picture of a project made by one of Sara's Creative Writing students. Sara had them select ten songs that were meaningful to them. Then they made CD covers with artwork and listed the ten songs on the back cover. They also wrote a paper telling why they selected those particular songs and why they were special. Sara hung the CD covers from the ceiling for Open House Night.

The student's name is blurred out for privacy, this is the world wide web after all!
Three simple but powerful classroom rules!

The white board at the front of the classroom. That board to the left is some kind of fancy, schmancy, electronic board that they use nowadays instead of overhead projectors! I forget it's correct name but I'd love to see it in action some time (Sara?).
Being a responsible blogger I blurred out some of the writing which is a testing website and password.

The bulletin boards at the side of the classroom.

Looking into the classroom from the hallway.

Her school's colors are scarlet red and forest green, hence the green lockers, name tags, etc. The school mascot is a Scot, so red/green plaid is also a popular choice for bulletin boards!

The computer center.

There's the teacher, still working hard while her carpool partner entertains herself taking lots of pictures!

Sara has put up some really nice inspirational quote posters around the classroom (not those run-of-the-mill cheesy overused inspirational quote posters that you see in business offices!) This one is my very favorite.

Text books!

More text books!

A rolling rack of organizational drawers which were a birthday gift from Josh & Susan. I forgot to look what she's storing in the drawers.Sara wouldn't let me take a picture of the giant wooden Scottish mascot guy at the front of the school, she said something about security cameras! So I had to resort to cutting & pasting a picture of the fella from the school's website.
I'll wrap up the tour with a quote from one of her posters:

Go confidently in the direction of your the life you've imagined.

--- Henry David Thoreau

Thank you Sara for humoring your mom! Grandma will be happy too to see the pictures!

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