Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Battle of Lexington - The Best Parts

Yes, it was the 150 year anniversary of the Battle of Lexington, and yes it had been 11 years since there had been a reenactment in Lexington, and yes it had been 14 years or so since we had attended a reenactment.......but.... my favorite part of the weekend was still hanging out with family. I mean really, look at this sweet laughing face, who would not enjoy that more than a bunch of Civil War reenactors!

I think Jenny is trying to drill his dimples deeper in this picture! And his very content baby brother all bundled up against the damp and cold.

Teresa and her boys!
Five of the eighteen Gering, Johnson, and Rapp group waiting for the parade to start!

Members of the Memphis and Springfield branches of the family tree trying to stay warm with coffee from the really nice bookstore where Hailey used to work before she headed off to college!

Matt and Gage leading the parade! Charlie is a passenger in the fire truck!

Out at the battlefield; Lucas armed with a cob full of dried corn for the corn kernel wars with his Johnson cousins! I think there may have been a Gering or two throwing corn also!

Some cousin loving on the bus to the battlefield (before the corn wars!)

Grownups on the bus!

More cousin fun!

A pretty and stylish college cousin!

The other college cousin had to stay behind in Martin, TN studying or was it a fraternity function that kept him away?

More bus time! Charlie sure captured lots of pictures for such a short bus trip (and I'm glad)!

Newlyweds at the parade!

Mom & daughter stylin' at the parade! Another 'best' part of the weekend; the WINK game played around the dining table Saturday night where everyone was still gathered long after they had finished eating! Clara was the WINKer extraordinaire!

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