Monday, September 19, 2011

BBQ, Home Brews and Birthday Cake

Evan and his dad Ben have been home brewing beer for a long time, actually Ben started home brewing even before Evan was born. They started their latest batch back in August. Josh was home and was excited to learn about the home brewing process, so he, Susan, Sara, and Bob joined in the fun (I was away on a business trip and had to miss out.) They used the Sierra Pale Ale recipe that Ben found in a brewers book. The brew was ready to bottle back on 9/10/11 (cool date huh!). This weekend Josh & Susan were home and Evan brought over one of the home brews for sampling, along with a Sierra Pale Ale for comparison. The beer smelled really good and tasted great. Evan says the beer is still 'young' and that the taste of the beer will improve with age, that's going to be a really great beer when it grows up!

It was the day after Susan's birthday so we celebrated with some bbq from Famous Dave's and birthday cake. Susan was hoping for Vermont Street bbq which has been rumored to be reopening soon in downtown Lawrence. Unfortunately it has not opened yet so we had to settle for Plan B, or Tier 2 (ask Josh to explain his tiered method for judging restaurants!)

Fun times!

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