Saturday, May 20, 2017

Showering the Bride!

Sara's bridesmaids, with an assist from a couple of their Mom's, hosted a beautiful and fun bridal shower for her!  Lots of people came, yummy food and sangria, beautiful decorations, great gifts, and lots and lots of sweet love!  Maggie had put together a fun game where she had sent Evan questions and Sara had to guess his answers, Maggie read a question between each gift opened, Evan had thoughtful and funny answers and it made for a fun and meaningful game. Sara enjoyed herself and was a gracious honoree!  It was so good to see some of the Mom's, we spent a lot of hours together back when these beautiful young women were girls on the soccer field and basketball court!  It was so good catching up with them for a bit. I did not take a single picture, so these were borrowed from Nichole and Maggie's Facebook posts.

Beautiful peonies from Nichole's garden, chai cupcakes from Susan, red velvet cupcakes from Mary Barnes.

Nichole and Colby in their matching dresses, so cute!

The bride-to-be and her flower girl!

The bride and the mommas!

Sara and the girls!

Love this picture!

I provided take home gifts of mini OPI nail polishes and Bath, and Body Works hand sanitizers.  The OPI was a nod to Sara's love of nail polishes!

Rosalie, my Aunt Jeanette, cousins Dianna and Lynda, and my Mom (hard to see her behind Dianna).

Sara posted this on SnapChat later that evening!

My how the years have flown!

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