Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Happy Easter

Jackson's daycare classroom had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids and their families.  Love it when I get a chance to observe him for a bit before he notices, of course the best part is when he does see us and comes running!

All the kids were a little unsure of what to do at first but soon with their teachers encouragement they caught on to what to do.

This cracked me up, why reach under the car when you can just lift
 it up out of the way to get the egg!

Now he's got the hang of finding those eggs!

Here he is at home discovering that each of those eggs he found actually contained a toy or candy!  So fun to watch him learn new things, his excitement is contagious!

Enjoying a sucker!

On Easter we had breakfast at our house. 

The traditional bunny cake!

Merle had an Easter egg hunt of his own and found a deer leg, later he found the rest of the deer skeleton, complete with skull and spine!

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