Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy Holidays

Christmas is my favorite time of year and with a wedding in the works and a toddler on the run this was an especially memorable year!

We kicked off the holiday season with an evening at the Lawrence Christmas Tree Festival which included a visit with Santa and milk and a cookie for Jackson!  It is always so much fun to see the unique and creative trees.  Jackson did really good meeting Santa, it was nice that there was a bench and he could visit Santa with his parents by his side.

There are no pictures but we also had fun at the Lawrence Holiday Farmers Market event.  So much good food and nice craft items, a great place to pick up some gifts and treats too!
Hope to make both of these events annual traditions!

Sara and Evan continued their tradition of providing the niece/nephews with their very own tree to display in their bedrooms! Josh & Susan said Jackson really liked having his very own blue tree!

Susan Smith hosted Albie and I for a delicious lunch of soup, salad, and cookies!  We exchanged gifts and enjoyed a nice long visit!  Afterwards I headed to downtown Topeka to do some Christmas shopping and enjoyed this beautiful sunset.

Matt, Kelli, and the kids stopped by on their way to Missouri for Christmas!  It was our first opportunity to meet baby Shiloh, love this sweet family!

On the 23rd we got together for our annual cookie decorating party!  Since Evan and Josh both bagged a deer this year they each decorated a reindeer cookie with red gel to represent where they shot the deer, how did I miss getting pictures of those cookies!  There were also some political statement cookies!  A fun night!

This year's Christmas t-shirts!

Family picture with Merle!

One tired little cookie decorator on his way home!

On Christmas Eve day the kids stopped by and I could not wait any longer to give Jackson his special 'Names and Faces' book made with pictures of all of the people and dogs who love him!  So cute seeing him point at the pictures and say each person's name, especially the way he says 'Mer-lo'.  The book was a hit!

After the kids left Bobby and I headed to KC to pick up JackStack bbq for Christmas day.  
I made egg rolls for our Christmas Eve dinner. 

Christmas morning we went to Josh & Susan's bright and early to watch Jax open his gifts!  Susan made caramel rolls and an egg casserole, yum.  We had so much fun watching this little guy!  He was so excited opening gifts and then playing!

A tool bench from Santa, way cool!

A basketball goal from Sara & Evan!

He was so excited to open this gift of 'Melmo' and 'Okar' figurines!  He's still carrying them around weeks later!

Later on Christmas Day everyone came out to the house to open gifts and eat bbq!  

A big boy hat like Dad's!

Showing Great Grandma Jo a toy!  

The bubble wand was a favorite!

Jackson's daycare made this mistletoe picture using his footprints, so cute!  It was Evan's idea to get a picture of them posing for a kiss under the mistletoe!

The fun continued on the day after Christmas when the Johnson's came to Lawrence!  I love this newer tradition and appreciate them coming all this way!  Lots of laughter, love, and good cheer!  

Looks like Mia is enjoying a bit of sandwich!

What a wonderful Christmas!

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