Sunday, December 11, 2016

November 2016

George cut the beans the first weekend in November.  This will be our last harvest because we want to turn this into a brome field next year.

Early November was still warm enough to go to the park, so we picked Jax up early and off we went!  He looks pretty happy to be going to slide and swing!

Tall enough now to begin exploring in a new drawer! His usual drawer is the one below this one!  Love how he is standing on his tippy toes to get access to the drawer!

Gering girls night out!  
For my birthday Josh and Susan planned and paid for a November night out for us to get our creative on!  Susan supplied wine and appetizers and we had a great time working on our snowmen paintings!

Thanksgiving luncheon at the daycare, he and his Mama are listening to the older kids sing Thanksgiving songs!

The daycare sent this picture to his parents and titled it 'Laugh Attack'.  Love how it captures his personality and the look on his friend's face is priceless!

A boy in his bomber jacket!



The engaged couple!

First look at the Christmas lights!  Dada is teaching him how to point and don't touch.

Bundled up for the Lawrence Old Fashioned Christmas Parade! 

Watched the parade from the street corner by the Rapp's house with Colby and Brody and the rest of the gang, best seats in town!  Met an older lady there whose family has had an entry in each parade from the very first parade twenty four years ago! Amber and Wendy joined us for the parade and then we picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza for lunch.

Aunt Sara and Gunkle Evan gifted Jax his very own Christmas tree for his bedroom!

The Sunday afternoon before Thanksgiving I was returning home from running errands and turned the corner to see this field ablaze with sunlight.  The fluffy heads on the grass reminded me of a toddler's messy hairdo when you remove their snug hat. 

As usual, the pictures don't do the scene justice. 

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