Sunday, June 5, 2016

Walking in the Wetlands

After all of last year's foot problems I've been trying to start walking regularly again and found the perfect place; the newly relocated and reopened Baker Wetlands.  It is a beautiful place for a walk and is only five miles from home!  So far the pea gravel, concrete, and boardwalk surfaces have been much kinder to my feet than the gravel on our road. Another advantage to walking at the wetlands is there is no vehicle traffic like when I was walking on our road where typically three to four cars would drive by during my 45 minute walk.

There are all kinds of birds, grasses, and other wildlife to see.  I've only seen one snake so far and he was a small very fast one that moved quickly off the path as I approached.

On this day storms were moving in and I could hear thunder rolling to the South (our house!)

One of the walking paths was closed due to high water from all the recent rains.

 When I look at this picture I can almost hear those geese honking as they take flight.

Got back to the car just as the rain began.

Another visit on a sunnier day!

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