Monday, May 16, 2016

Earth Day and Other Celebrations

Teresa and Charlie came down for a couple of days to hang out and one of those days happened to be Earth Day!  We grilled hamburgers and the kids came out.  
Jackson had his first ride in the wagon!

T&C left on Saturday which was National Picnic Day according to Charlie and his daily group text!  That evening Sara and Evan brought Colby and Brody over and they had a picnic on our living room floor and then went outside to ride the wagon down the hill!
Notice Griff the photo bomber!

The ladies down the road!

Cutest baby ever!

Tired puppies after a day at the Duck! 

Sara and Evan at a high school graduation party for one of his student athletes.

Arriving home for a play date with Grandma and Grandpa!

Hanging out in the garage, it's a Gering thing!

His favorite toy of late is this ball, he will throw it and then chase it and throw it again, over and over!  He also likes to play catch when you sit on the floor with him!

I think maybe Grandpa likes this little guy!

We had a 'build your own pizza' Mothers Day celebration, it was a fun day! Lots of toppings so everyone could create their own combo!  We made my Mom's pizza first since it was past her normal lunch time, she kept offering to share hers with everyone while we waited for the next two pizzas to come out of the oven!  All in all, three batches of dough made twelve individual pizzas, plenty for everyone to get full and still have leftover pizzas to take home for the work week!

Josh made this for Susan for her first Mothers Day!

A drive out to the Clinton Lake dam to see the water being released after all of the rains.  The picture does not truly capture the raw power of the water rushing through the opening!  Lots of people fishing there. 

The orioles are back!

Love the way the evening sun lights up the Baker Wetlands.

Another play date with Gma and Gpa.  Having some puffs!

Could not resist getting a picture of those little feet!

Cooper made the Pawsh Wash Instagram page!

Hi Grandma (baby version)!

Hi Grandma (puppy version, a text from Sara!)

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