Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Swim Fin Fun

Finally, after months of waiting and a visit from the Douglas county inspector we got the approval to occupy the pool just in time for Memorial Day!

Bobby demonstrating his back float!  I give him a score of 10 for form!

Sara soaking up some sun!  Two and a half more days of school and she'll be free for the summer!  Woo hoo!  She brought over a Bud Light Mixxtail Hurricane for me to try, it was pretty yummy!

More sun soaking!

Griff taking a break in the shade!  For some reason she doesn't seem to be getting in the water as often as she did pre-people occupancy.  The day that Amber and Baxter came for a pool side book club visit she got in several times, no doubt showing off for Amber!  However, she did get in once this day and then rolled around in the dirt to make a nice muddy dog mess!

Selfie of the lady with the crazy hair!

Time for a sing-a-long: Snake Farm by Ray Wylie Hubbard.  Evan and Sara first introduced us to this song at Christmas time and it seems to have been adopted as the family sing-a-long song, especially when alcohol is being imbibed! 

Susan with baby Jackson on board!

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