Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Not Your Typical Sunday Drive

On Sunday morning we took a drive to see what impact the previous night's rain had on the local ponds, lakes, and creeks.  At Lone Star Lake we were lucky to spot this eagle!

 Once home, Bobby decided to drive through the yard and across the bridge to see how high our creek had gotten.  It was high but not over the bridge yet. guessed it...we got stuck in the mud.  The harder we tried to get out the more we slid towards the creek (Bobby said we weren't that close but Griff and I were kind of nervous!)

Bobby got out the driver's door to go get the tractor (yes, that's a patch of poison ivy that he had to get through first!)

It started to rain again.

Thank goodness for the John Deere, it has come in handy for so many tasks around this place, snow removal, moving outdoor furniture from the garage to the front porch, backfilling dirt around the pool and building a rock wall, heck we even use it as a potting bench when we plant all of our flower pots!  A giant watering can when we plant new trees.  Oh,and we shouldn't forget that it was the ultimate water container to dump water on Josh, Susan, and Sara when they took the ALS challenge last summer.  Bobby calls it his $20,000 wheelbarrow!

And now, it was going to save our bacon by pulling us out of the mud!

One rescued dirty muddy truck!

And the muddy ruts it left behind!

 Random shot of the ton of Colorado River rocks from Pine's Landscaping that will be going between the pool and fence!  Looks like another job for the John Deere!

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