Saturday, May 7, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

Friday was Sara's last day of student teaching at Highland Park High School in Topeka. The two teachers she worked with and the students showered her with cards and gifts. In every class the teacher had each student tell Sara what they liked about her teaching. And one of the ESL classes added their own special touch by having her sit in a chair and taking a turn wrapping her in crepe paper as they told her what they liked, one girl made her a crepe paper bracelet to match! One of the cards was a small booklet where the students had all written notes, even the principal added an appreciative note.

Sara took cookies and snacks for all of the students and wrote each of the ESL kids a special note. These balloons attached to a 'teacher' coffee mug filled with candy were a gift from one of the teacher's daughter who is a student at Highland Park. Although she was not one of Sara's students they had developed a friendship while each afternoon the young lady waited in the classroom for her mom and Sara to finish up their after school work.

Sara's late nights spent preparing lesson plans, grading papers, and the handful of not-so-easy class periods were certainly rewarded by the appreciation of the students! And isn't that really the reason teachers teach, to know that they have made an impact on their student's lives.

Some gifts to use in her first classroom!

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