Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The First Harvest

For those of you who are established gardeners, you may want to stop reading here or risk thinking 'sheesh, what's the big deal?'

But I'm kind of excited to report that tonight's dinner included grilled chicken with mango salsa that was blended to perfection with the initial 'harvest' of fresh green cilantro from my first ever herb garden! Isn't the cilantro pretty?

Another view.....
The plant on the right is lemon balm, a member of the mint family. In the middle-ages it was used for stress relief and crushed and rubbed on bee hives to attract the bees back to the hive. Today it is used in recipes, liquors, and furniture polish. Of course I didn't know all that when I bought it just because it smells good and looks pretty!
The plant on the left is some type of sage (probably should have kept the little informational spike that came with it!)

There's also some cascading rosemary in the front and back of this basket. And nothing tops the smell of fresh rosemary.

These plants have all been in their pots for several weeks now and the critters haven't bothered them at all! Maybe next year I'll try a vegetable garden!

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