Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's Hanging on the Walls at Lonesome Duck (Part 2)

Hanging in the dining area are two more pictures that are very special to us. They are watercolors painted by my Grandma; Fern Waller.

Old barns were one of her favorite subjects to paint. On the back of this painting there's an evelope containing a note written by my Grandma, it says
"I read in yesterdays paper where in Mo. anyway that old barns will soon be extinct. I want to leave old barn paintings for future posterity. Ha! So intend to do a lot of them. Here's another one for you."
She may have been kind of joking at the time as her 'Ha!' signifies, but thirty-some years after she painted them I'm certainly honored to have them hanging in my home. And especially glad that I have that note as well as other letters she wrote to me when we lived in Los Angeles.

And there's something else that makes this pair of paintings special to us. While Bobby and I were dating, my grandma gave this painting to Bobby's parents after he told her that it reminded him of when he and his parents lived in Wyoming.
It hung in their homes in Lexington and Lawrence. Tonight on the way home from dinner we passed an old barn that must still be in use because there was a light on inside. After seeing that, Josh was telling us that there is an organization in Michigan that is trying to save the old barns that are close to roads in Michigan by buying them and maintaining them. What a great idea!

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