Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's Hanging on the Walls at Lonesome Duck (Part 1)

A couple of years ago my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Dean relocated from Kansas City to Denver to be closer to their children. A few days before they left my step mom Rosalie and I went to say goodbye to them and enjoyed an afternoon of visiting and reminiscing. Before we left that day they had generously filled our stomachs with barbeque and our trunks with family heirlooms, books, and other items.
A huge thank you to my aunt and uncle for gifting Bobby and I with the etching that you see in the pictures below. My uncle told me that it used to hang in my great grandmother's home but he was unsure of how she came to have it. We absolutely love the historical significance of this print and it fits the style of our new home perfectly!

A close up look at the right hand side of the print.
See the small drawing in the bottom margin of the etching? It's one of my favorite things about this print. It's called a remarque which is a small personalized drawing added by the artist to a print. A little picture within a picture! Cool huh?
If I'm reading the artist's signature correctly, this print is from artist E. L. Field ( Edward Loyal Field 1856-1914). He was a late nineteenth century landscape painter and etcher and from what I can tell by looking at some google images of his other etchings this could certainly be one too.

Thank you Uncle Dean and Aunt Ruth; we are enjoying your gift!

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