Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Last Look

This afternoon we headed to the old house for what will probably be our final visit. I took a few pictures and we loaded up the lawnmower. Closing will be on Friday and we have the keys and garage door openers already to go to the new owners! Guess I really shouldn't call it the 'old' house because once Bobby and DIY Sara were finished it's really almost a brand new house. Come have a litte tour!

New paint and carpet throughout. New light fixtures here in the kitchen & dining room!

The office!
That old nasty country rose wallpaper was so stubborn to remove that we ended up putting up new sheetrock.
Living room with new paint, carpet, and ceiling fan! Upstairs bath with updated paint, tile, granite countertop and sink, light fixture, and mirror.
Even a new toilet! The master bathroom is my favorite 'madeover' room. Sara did a great job refinishing the vanity. I love how this room came together with the darker tile, granite, black mirrors and lights. I think it looks great with the khaki paint. And a new toilet here too! Front door and hallway. New tile here and you can't see it in this picture but there is a new light fixture hanging up high in the entryway!

Basement finished! Love how it turned out with the white trim.

View of the basement from the stairs Basement bedroom (aka my old scrapbooking room)

Basement Bathroom So goodbye Pebble Lane home, thanks for the memories!

Cheers to the new homeowners, may they enjoy this home as much as we did!

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