Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas at the Duck

Part of the fun of having a new house is decorating it for Christmas for the first time!
All the Santas congregated on a table!
(Josh if you're reading this, notice your Reader's Digest Santa is prominently displayed!
This year we were nice to RD Santa, no cellphone pictures sent to you of him heading for the fireplace like last year!)

Angels on a shelf.
I decided to scale back a bit this year, the angels didn't all make the cut for display, only my favorite angels are floating on the clouds, the rest of the collection are still in their boxes.
And these two are my most favorite angels! Sara made them from Fimo clay when she was probably 10 or 11 and gave them to me that year for Christmas. Of course I cried, but that's not a big surprise huh? My very special Josh, Sara, Daisy & Josie angels. So sweet & cute and very special to this mom!
I really like the look of these retro ornaments in glass bowls
(these are the ornaments we had at our house growing up)

Gingerbread men handmade by Debbie and Madeleine.
They came with a slip of paper that says 'family is always only a heart away'.
A very special gift from when Debbie lived in Lexington.
They used to hang out on the piano each Christmas but Sara had to find them a new home since the piano is gone, I really like her idea of putting them on the kitchen window.

The tree with the angel topper that used to be Debbie's.
All of the ornaments hold so many memories, trips taken, special interests and sports from the kids' years growing up, handmade ornaments that the kids and other family members have made through the years. The angels that Debbie gave everyone her last year with us.
And of course there's stuffed Sebastian of Little Mermaid fame who came free with a fast food dinner so very long ago. Each year Sebastian barely survives the trash can where Bobby threatens to put him! And where did Flounder go? He's not on the tree, hmmmm, I better ask Bobby if he had anything to do with that!

The fireplace minus the stockings. Sara hung the stockings on the living room windows because the fireplace gets so warm!
And the best thing about decorating this year? The boxes didn't have to be brought upstairs from a basement which made decorating a breeze.

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