Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Home

I've always felt that a photographic image of a house lit up in the dark conveys a sense of 'home'.
So with that in mind, I set out to get that home like image. My accomodating husband humored me by dropping me off at the top of the driveway and then heading down to turn all the lights on. So here it is, our new home! The new mailbox!!!!
The garage spotlights.

We are mostly moved into the new house but still sleeping, showering, and dressing at the old house until the propane tank is installed and there is hot water for showers. The good news is that now the propane tank can be brought in since they have finished the final grading of the ground today.
Saturday's move went very smoothly. We had lots of great help; Josh, Sara, Evan and his cousin Austin helped with the heavy lifting! It only took two loads in the large 24 foot U-Haul truck to get everything transferred to the new house. The two loads were completed by 2:30 and that's when the beer drinking commenced! Moving and beer drinking; it's a traditional combination like chips and dip! We were able to make good use of that back porch when Evan's folks joined us later in the day. They brought some PVC pipe to make a frisbee and beer bottle game. Throw in some pizzas and micro brewery beer and it all made for a very fine evening. Especially since Yvonne had a citronella candle! Sara was the designated driver and safely delivered the moving crew back home well before midnight, which is probably an early night for these college students! Josh's flight on Sunday was delayed which meant he was going to miss his connection in Detroit so he had to take a bus from Detroit to Lansing late Sunday night. Luckily the missed flight happened in Detroit and not Chicago!

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  1. "It only took two loads in the large 24 foot U-Haul truck to get everything transferred to the new house."

    You must have forgotten to move all of Bobby's fishing stuff!