Friday, February 3, 2017

Target Trip

The other day we picked this little guy up at daycare after his nap. Josh had told me that the night before he was really enjoying playing with his wooden puzzles so I decided we'd go on a field trip to Target to get him another wooden puzzle to add to his collection.
He and his parents are regulars at Target but this was the first MeeMaw and PawPaw trip with him.  It was so much fun!  He was so busy looking around at everything.  And especially in the toy aisles he studied everything. I would hand him different items and he would pick one and hand me back the other, I guess he was comparison shopping!  He picked out a puzzle with a Transportation theme which is what they are also learning about at daycare this week!

And then I found these Sesame Street stuffed animals!  
He loves 'Melmo' and Bobby and I decided he really needed all three! I think he was pleased!  Once we got back to his house he sat in his high chair and played with the puzzle for a long time. Then we went downstairs and he played with his stuffed animals, he gathered up the Sesame Street figurines he got for Christmas and matched them up with their stuffed animal twin!
So smart and cute!

I believe he first became acquainted with 'Melmo' from books read at daycare.  This picture is from Christmas morning when the 'Melmo' adoration really began!  

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